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The "Meet Me" Post

June 22nd, 2007 (10:30 am)

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It'll be mostly for whenever new friends are added to me list. But you all are welcome to read it and comment. After I'm finished, I'll have a link to it in my Friends Only post for people to got to and read once they've been added.

Okay, where to began..... (Things in bold are as of May 2011)

My real name is Lori, for which my username is my real name in Elvish. Actually, it's Anodien, but someone already had that as their username so I had to change the spelling by one letter. I am, at this present time, twenty-three years old. I'm 27, going on 28.

I'm a Christian, have been for over ten years now. Though if you were to look at some of my interests I would barely seem like it. I like cemeteries and believe in the spiritual world (paranormal?). I don't do anything Satanic when comes to cemeteries. I basically enjoy going to them for the purposes of historical research(cemeteries are the best places for researching your family tree outside of the library and the internet). I also enjoy using, studying herbs. I cook with them and use them in remedies. The use of herbs is associated with witchcraft, which I don't like the idea of. People who use herbs just happen to know the natural God-given properties of plants. It's how you use them that makes it good or bad. I also like doing BodyFlow. It's a Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates workout. It's a very good workout and you more flexible as you do it. There's no chanting of mantras or anything like that. It's pure workout with a relaxation segment at the end. Anyway, I don't intend on pushing Christianity on people. You don't push your religion on me, I won't push it on you. But if you're curious about it, just ask.

My current state of residence is Georgia in U.S.A. I doubt I'll be moving anywhere else soon. Though I would love to visit, if not live, in Scotland and England. I was born in Georgia, but raised in different states--all below the Mason-Dixon Line. So, I'm a Southerner and proud of it! My dad was in the military that's why and I've lived different places.

I'm currently single and I'm on the look out for my future potential husband. But it's not the focus of my attention. When he comes, he comes. I'm picky about the sort of guy I want to date. A nice blue-eyed man from Scotland would be nice. But whatever. If you want to know what sort of guy I'd be interested in, ask me and I'll tell you. I was in a relationship, but you won't hear me talk much about him unless you are listed in a special filter ed group(see below about that). My taste hasn't changed all that much, but eye color doesn't matter anymore.

Currently, I'm still in college working on my diploma in Visual Communications (Graphic Design). I hope to be finished sometime in 2008. After that, I hope to find a job somewhere in some other town where there's more opportunities and things to do. This has fallen through thanks to the economy..mostly. The program was discontinued due to the lack of interest for enrollment and budget cuts. I now work full time at the local hospital in medical records, scanning records and certifying births. I'm currently cross-training to analyze outpatient surgeries.  I have been going to creative writing classes, though no degree will come from it. Only a writer's gut, instinct.

I some times write posts that are very personal and sometimes come from my deepest thoughts. However, those are posted to a filtered group of people. If you think you'd think to be apart of that group let me know. If you get uncomfortable with it, you can ask to leave at anytime. This also goes for anyone already in the filter.

Now, for the cast of the players in my journal:

Mom: My mom, of course.
Dad: My dad. My brother and I don't share the same father. So you may see me bring his birth dad up.
Joey: My brother or my half-brother. He is about 8 years older than me, but we are close.
Liz/Elizabeth: My sister-in-law.
Mema: My grandmother. The only grandparent I have that's still alive. She is currently in the first stages of Alzheimer's(sp?) and I live with her. She and I have the same birthday, October 29th.
Layton: My nephew. He was born in August of 2008. He's all boy and smart.
Lady: The family cat/dog/goat/deer/bird/lamb. She's really just a cat, but she has so many characteristics of other animals. We think she has an identity problem. We also think she has OCD. Most of what she does is groom and wash and clean. Never have I seen a cat groom as much as she does.

Rain. Reading. Writing.Travel. Dreaming. Quotes. Poetry. Music. Music. Art. England. Movies. History. Photography. Scotland. Common Sense. Graphic Design. America. Dressing up (on occasion). Massages. Relaxing. Zumba. Cats. Small dogs. Tea. Stargazing. Genealogy.

Stupidity. Rudeness. Being seen as idiot. Being misunderstood. Being told of how I should be. Idiotic driving. The government.

Delirium. Deuter. Sarah Brightman. Russell Watson. Casting Crowns. Third Day. Life House. Owl City. The Script. OneRepublic. Michael Buble. Jem. Sarah McLachlan. Bon Jovi. U2.

The Lord of The Rings Trilogy. The Chronicles of Narnia. Jane Eyre. Anne of Green Gables. Surprised by Joy. The Hobbit. Sense and Sensibility.

The Devil Wears Prada, Back to The Future Trilogy. Star Trek(Most of the movies, anyway). Ever After. Pirates of The Caribbean. Stargate. Ghostbusters. Alice in Wonderland (both versions). The Goonies. White Christmas. Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

TV Shows:
NCIS. Dancing With The Stars. Ghost Adventures. From The Edge With Peter Lik. Frasier. Stargate: SG1. Stargate Atlantis. Mythbusters. MacGyver. British Sitcoms(aka Britcoms).

Um....I think that's about it. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Lori [userpic]

Friends Only Journal

February 17th, 2007 (01:24 pm)

friends only

Upon being added, be sure to read this post.

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